Stretching Strap


Designed by Olympian Willie Smith, the Sportspeed stretch strap is designed to help you stretch longer, better, and with less risk of injury.

What’s included in this kit:

  • Brand New Sportspeed Stretching Strap

Why is it that many people do not stretch? Many people do not stretch simply because it’s not comfortable or they cannot reach an appropriate position. For those that do stretch, positions are often held while another joint may be compromised. The Sportspeed Stretch Strap is a simple, yet innovative tool that will assist you in reaching positions more comfortably that may have been previously not possible and, in addition, allow you to hold the stretch longer!

The Sportspeed Stretch Strap was developed with the assistance of international and world class athlete and Coach, Willie Smith. Utilizing the Sportspeed Stretching Strap will train your muscle fibers to relax into the stretch in order to lengthen instead of shortening and not elicit the stretch reflex which may cause injury.