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Ankle Lateral Resistors

Ankle Lateral Resistors


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  • Brand New Lateral Resistors

Develop Speed and Strength Through Resistance Bands

A great way to boost your performance level while being fit and burning calories along the way can be done while speed training with resistance bands. Basically, a resistance band can provide an athlete the additional challenge during training so that when the competition starts and the extra resistance is gone, they will achieve the explosive power and faster speed they need for a competitive advantage. Training with resistance bands can improve one’s range of motion, increase agility when changing directions at sudden pace, explosive short runs, and needing to make a quick vertical startup from any type of position. This type of training can also help in improving your endurance by raising your heart rate.

Alternating Exercise

Alternate your sprints at 10 yards with and without the resistance bands. Repeat this exercise twice with a short rest in between.

Use With Agility Cones

Place 3 agility cones directly in front of you with a distance of 3-4 yards apart and with the resistance band placed at your hips and connected to a pole in the center. One set will consist of you running to cone 1 then back to the center of the pole, then run to cone 2, then go back to the pole and lastly run to cone 3. Going back, you should run backwards. Do 3-4 sets with short rests in between.

Couple With Isometric Training

An athlete may also use resistance bands to condition their hip flexors in order to improve speed and quickness. Place the band around your lower feet then attach it to a pole behind the athlete. Then kick your feet forward with the knees at a 45-degree angle with the thigh and lower feet and then maintain that position. The purpose of this training is to add new and different stimuli to your feet so they feel heavier than they really are. It’s the same concept as running with a weight vest or training with hand weights.

Working With Ladders

The purpose of resistance bands in speed training is to make sure that leg muscles will work well even with added resistance and activate the fast-twitch muscle fibers to obtain explosive speed, power, and balance. Place a ladder 2-3 yards in front of you, then place the resistance band around both legs and connect it to a pole. Run to the ladder, then skip one step at a time on the spaces. Repeat this 5 times per session with a short rest in between. Then try doing this drill without the resistance band, and you will feel the lightness and strength in your legs.

Acceleration Sprint

This drill will improve your length in stride, an important factor in competitions since you need to cover more ground than your opponent. Place the resistance band around your waist then the other side goes to your coach or partner. Assume a starting position with the body placed at a 45-degree angle, sprint forward maintaining the position with your partner jogging behind you and maintaining the resistance. Run the distance of 10 yards and make sure to finish it in 10 seconds. Do this drill again with no resistance band.

In any type of speed training drill using the resistance bands, try doing the drill once more without the resistance band. This type of training will prepare you for the different types of challenges you will meet in competition.