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Overspeed Resistance Trainer

Overspeed Resistance Trainer


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  • Brand New Overspeed Resistance Trainer
  • Resistance Trainer Bag

There are basically two types of resistance devices, the assisted and resisted. Our focus would be on the resistance assisted devices (RAD) that focus on an athlete’s overspeed. An assisted training on sprinting means that the athlete runs while a device like a cord or rope-and-pulley system pulls them from behind; whereas resisted devices use parachutes or any type of weighted devices.

Studies have shown that running with an elastic cord as resistance showed significant changes in speed, length, and distance. There are many types of RADs and each of them has different uses and benefits.

Sprinting Resistance Band

The resistance band is a versatile type of sprinting band, it can be used in ballistic sprint drills, backpedals, lateral shuffle drills and more. Even though you are under constant resistance, this band still offers you freedom of movement. You can also use this in dual resistance lateral shuffle drills where you place two resistance bands around your waist and both are connected to two partners in opposite directions. Both people can provide you with the assisted resistance while doing your lateral shuffles thus preparing you for fast, well-coordinated shuffles.

Without a Partner

You can also use the sprinting resistance band without a partner. Just look for a sturdy anchor or pole and secure it around your waist. You can perform the same drills as those with a partner, but using bands without one will ensure continuous practice with or without a partner whether indoors or outdoors.

Usage and Benefits

For Power:

Sprinting resistance bands are not only used by those training for speed, but also for those who want to improve their explosive power. Attach the band to a pole and sprint until its limit then slowly backpedal towards the pole. Repeat this drill 3-4 times with a short rest in between.

For Agility:

Couple resistance bands with agility cones to improve speed, agility, and coordination. Place 10 agility cones in 2 rows with a distance of 3-4 yards in between. Attach the resistance band to a sturdy pole or beam and the other end to your waist. Start from cone 1 then sprint to cone 2, backpedal to cone 3 then sprint to cone 4, and so on. When you reach cone 10, shuffle back to cone 1. Repeat this drill 4 times with 20 seconds rest in between. This is a great exercise for speed and agility training!

For Interval Training:

This training is ideal for when you are alone and want to train indoors. One simple workout is to do 30 second interval training. Attach the band to your waist then secure the other end to a pole or beam. Do as many sprints as you can in 30 seconds then rest for another 30. Do this for 10-12 intervals.

Be Creative

Resistance assisted bands (RADs) are a very versatile speed and agility training tool. You can add or reduce resistance by using it with other bands. In addition, you can also couple this with other training equipment like ladders or agility cones to improve coordination and agility as well as speed. With these different types of resistance assisted devices, an athlete can now train indoors or outdoors with or without a partner or a coach.