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Six Sided Reaction Ball


Six Sided Reaction Ball

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Want to improve agility, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination while having fun at the same time?  The SPORTSPEED reaction ball can be used to improve responsiveness, hand eye coordination, reaction time, and agility.  The six-sided, high-bouncing ball is made of 100% rubber. It can rebound off of any hard surfaces including hardwood, courts, walls, and infield dirt.  It is fairly easy to incorporate drills during training, but the drills themselves are harder than they look because the ball bounces quickly and in many different directions.  The athlete has to predict the direction of the ball bounce and react quickly.  The drills are perfect for baseball, softball, but can also be used for any sport that requires quick eye hand coordination.

About This Product:

  • Great training for all sports
  • Use alone or with a partner
  • Increases eye-hand coordination
  • Has six rounded rubber knobs to create total unpredictable
  • Use indoor and outdoor

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