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Six Sided Reaction Ball


Six Sided Reaction Ball

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Having Fun Training With Reaction Ball

Want to improve agility, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination while having fun at the same time? Think it’s not possible to incorporate fun in your gruelling day-to-day training? A reaction ball would do all that for you and more! Despite its name, a reaction ball is not like a common spherical ball. but it is a mold of a number of spherical balls. It is fairly easy to incorporate during training, but the drills themselves are harder than they look. The main purpose of this ball is for athletes to bounce it and attempt to catch it. It sounds easy, but it is actually hard because the ball bounces quickly and in many different directions. The athlete has a hard time predicting the direction of its bounce and must learn to adjust and react quickly.

If you play any kind of sports, you will know the need for agility and hand-eye coordination. In basketball, a teammate may unexpectedly pass the ball and you need to catch it so that it will not result in a turnover. Higher reflexes are also valued in sports; it is a very important component even in non-contact sports like badminton, ping pong, and tennis.

How it Works

The ball bounces in many unpredictable and random directions. It has many sides so the athlete cannot predict where the ball will bounce. The mechanism can be explained through physics, but the main point of this during training is its unpredictability, which helps hone the reaction skills of the athlete.

Reaction Ball on Walls

The usage of a reaction ball is not limited to a team effort, but can also be used alone through the help of a wall. Throw it against the wall and try to catch it on its way back to you. The first few attempts might prove futile, but you will soon get the hang of it once you have developed your reflexes.

Reaction Ball on the Floor

You can also do this alone or with a partner. Bounce the ball on the ground and catch it before it hits the floor again. This works the same as on the wall, but the movement here will be vertical.

The point of using reaction balls is not to run and catch it, but to learm where the ball will go and be able to catch it before exerting unnecessary effort. It improves speed and the ability to decide quickly on what path to take.

This drill is helpful especially for goalies because their reaction time is shortened through mastering this exercise, as well as basketball players calculating bounce passes, tennis players, football tip drills, and baseball hop drills.