About the Coach:
Coach Willie Smith is a previous world-class sprinter who earned two NCAA D1 National Championships, won two Olympic Gold Medals, and also set two world records. For over 20 years Coach Smith has been teaching speed to individuals, as well as implementing speed programs into middle and high schools, and colleges.

The Need for Speed:
Any sport such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, or track & field, requires quick reaction, flexibility, and speed.

Speed Agility Quickness Training Camp Goal:
Simply stated our goal is to teach athletes how to run faster, move quicker, and perform at their maximum potential. For some athletes these skills come natural. However, the majority of athletes need to develop skills that make them better athletes. Regardless of natural physical ability, with proper agility, explosiveness, and speed technique training, athletes of all ages and sport disciplines benefit greatly.

Training System:
One of the biggest challenges we see facing many coaches regarding speed and agility training is the inability to properly teach and implement speed work into existing practice structures. Coach Smith has developed a system that enables coaches to understand and implement speed work into any team warm up agility drills. “Our program is designed to save time while giving athletes and teams a speed advantage.” During the camp we work with coaches and train them how to watch for the most common mistakes athletes make. These are easily recognized and are often seen in arm action, knee lift, and foot placement. We have a proven system where team members work together helping each other to get better.

Get Started:
For more information about how you can host a Speed, Agility & Quickness Training Camp at your location please contact us at info@sportspeed.com

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