Myth Buster Speed and Agility Equipment

Our goal is to help provide you the tools you need to practice correct technique and get faster.  So, for about the cost of attending a speed clinic you can train yourself over and again using this Speed and Agility equipment and instructional DVD.

It’s been said that unless you’re born with speed you’ll never be fast enough.  We are here to show you that’s a myth.  Year after year we help athletes become faster and stronger. The most common pitfall we see in slower athletes is the lack of proper technique.  So, the question is how do you acquire the correct technique?

Having a personal trainer is great!  However, often times you may not have the resources to pay a trainer or may not be able to train with one.  That’s where we can help you.

Whatever your sport, this instructional series will teach you and re-teach you until you ultimately begin forming the correct habits you need to maximize your SPEED.  As you practice these exercises, you will begin to strengthen the muscles that are essential in building speed.



Speed and Agility LadderAgility Ballistic Response Ladder

Heavy duty, team grade, and round rung designed.  The round rung design requires the runner to stay on the balls of their feet.  If the runner cheats and runs flat footed, they will feel the rungs hit their heals.  This round rung design helps promote good form and technique. It stretches out (12′) twelve feet, has (10) ten rungs that are spaced (16″) inches apart, and has (9) nine stepping spaces. It is the most popular piece of training equipment we sell.  Just roll it out and go!

Adjustable Agility HurdlesAdjustable 8″ to 12” Performance Hurdles are

Having quick feet, high knee lift and strong bounding are fundamental to peak athletic performance. Training with Speed Hurdles improves your overall athleticism and ability to maneuver quickly and efficiently around the field, court or ice surface. Speed Hurdles height options of 6”, 9″ or 12” allow for multiple training configurations.

Speed ParachuteSpeed Parachute

An XL 54”and creates the drag necessary to force athletes to push themselves harder to achieve speed. The easy step-in belt was added based on athlete feedback, allowing you to get right to your workout without stopping to adjust buckles.

Resistance HarnessSpeed Harness

Resistance training at its finest! It maximizes your force application, power, running mechanics & acceleration. All the things that make you a powerhouse. Hook it to a sled, tire, or other weighted object for use alone, or have a partner provide varying degrees or resistance for more sport-specific applications.

Reaction BallReaction Ball

A unique 6-sided design is the liveliest and most erratic ball available! The random bouncing helps the athlete focus on moving with their opponents and reacting to unpredictable variables.

Lateral Resistance BandLateral Resistor Power Ankle Resistance Band

Helps develop a strong first-step quickness and targets the hard to isolate inner and outer twitch thigh muscles. The extra long padded ankle cuffs are accommodated with quick change velcro connectors.

Agility ConesAgility Cones

Help improve acceleration, deceleration and change direction.  They build precise timing and body control ideal for agility training drills.  They are durable and will not break when stepped on.  Use them to mark your distance and direction.

What Sports Can Train With This Equipments