Team Training Equipment (Train up to 36 athletes)

The Speed Agility Quickness Team Training Equipment was designed for multiple athlete usage. Since teams have limited time to practice and no time to waste, we have designed a unique kit that incorporates six essential speed mechanics into any existing team warm up exercises. In other words, your team can warm up as they always do, but can now actually incorporate speed training techniques into the exercises.

This keeps the practice schedule on track and there is no additional time added or competition for scheduled practice time.This kit comes with a unique designed station layout diagram that keeps the athletes organized and progressing through the stations.

Once the circuit has been competed the athletes are warmed up and ready to go. The real difference is they just completed speed training exercises that translates into better performance. This is the same system we teach and we know it works!



Jump RopeJump Rope

A quick and simple way to develop anaerobic endurance, speed, quickness, agility and power. Jumping rope also improves balance, coordination, rhythm, timing, and concentration. In addition, it increases foot, ankle, and leg strength. Jumping rope is a great warm up exercise that helps improve knee lift and step placement. This seemingly insignificant piece of equipment is often overlooked as a critical component of speed and agility training.

Hand WeightsHand Weights

One of the most common challenges athletes face when improving speed is arm motion. The arms, like any other body part associated with efficient running, have a specific function. They are the trigger to a quick start. The starting of a 40 or 60-yard dash often begins first with a hand or arm motion. As a shadow boxer trains with hand weights, a runner should too. Hand and arm motions are one of the smaller muscle groups that actually trigger the larger and more explosive muscles groups. Training with hand weights not only teach proper hand and arm motion, but also strengthens the coordination of the upper body with the lower extremities.

Agility HurdlesAdjustable 8″ to 12” Performance Hurdles are

Best for teaching proper knee lift, generating force with the leg, explosive plyometrics, with variable degrees of adjustable difficulty. Having quick feet, high knee lift and strong bounding are fundamental to peak athletic performance. Training with Speed Hurdles improves your overall athleticism and ability to maneuver quickly and efficiently around the field, court or ice surface. Speed Hurdles height options of 8”, 10″ or 12” allow for multiple training configurations.

Resistance HarnessResistance Harness

The use of a harness during different drills can improve speed, explosive start, acceleration, and agility as well as used in warm-up exercises. This type of equipment is better if an athlete works with a partner or their coach. Power and speed can be improved through multiple drills of resistance sprinting and the harness can work well with these types of drills. Training with a harness is similar to the towing of a sled, but without the hassle of transporting the plates. An athlete can decrease and increase their resistance easily and it is portable so an athlete can practice in the field or in a covered court. There are two common ways of linking the athlete and harness. First, over the shoulders and second around the hips. These two positions will enable the athlete to move their arms freely. The difference is that the harness on the shoulders focuses on the upper body position like in football.

Agility and Ballistic Response LadderAgility Ballistic Response Ladder

Heavy duty, team grade, and round rung designed.  The round rung design requires the runner to stay on the balls of their feet.  If the runner cheats and runs flat footed, they will feel the rungs hit their heals.  This round rung design helps promote good form and technique. It stretches out (12′) twelve feet, has (10) ten rungs that are spaced (16″) inches apart, and has (9) nine stepping spaces. It is the most popular piece of training equipment we sell.  Just roll it out and go!

Agility ConesStation Agility Cones

Help improve acceleration, deceleration and change direction.  They build precise timing and body control ideal for agility training drills.  They are durable and will not break when stepped on.  Use them to mark your distance and direction.

img_0684Willie Smith Instructional Training DVD

Coach Willie Smith is s previous world class sprinter who earned two NCAA D1 National Championships, two Olympic Gold Medals, and set two world records. For over 20 years Coach Smith has been teaching individuals and implementing speed programs into middle and high schools, colleges, as well as training professional atheletes. By sharing his method in our Instructional Training DVD we can guarantee success in your speed, agility and quickness drills.

Team Diagram and Carry BagOther bonus item included on this kit are:

One Station Layout Diagram
1 All In One Carrying Bag

What Sports Can Train With This Equipments