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How to Burn Fat with an Explosive Cardiovascular Workout

Want an unusual cardio workout that can boost your health, increase muscular power and explosiveness? SportSpeed offers an incredible workout that tones muscles and burns fat like an athlete.

This explosive cardio workout uses plyometric exercises. Performing these exercises will improve your balance, speed and agility.  These exercises will also tone your quads, calves, glutes, and build core muscle strength.

How do Plyometric Exercises Work?

Plyometrics was once called jump training, which is now a technique used by athletes in many different ways. Some good examples of sports that benefit from this type of training are football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rugby, baseball, or any other sporting activity that requires quick explosive movements.

Plyometrics are exercises in which muscles, exert maximum force in short burst intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power and speed strength. These exercises help build vertical strength and explosive power. The combination of stretching and contracting muscles help strengthen and tone muscle groups not generally used during traditional workouts. It is always advisable to cross train and perform other exercises on rotating days to allow your muscles to recover.

Sportspeed Plyometric Equipment

SportSpeed provides trainers, athletes, as well as health enthusiasts the ability to train with high quality speed and agility equipment. We offer an all- in-one training kit that comes with an instructional DVD training series.  This training series takes you through various exercises and teaches proper form and technique.  This will ultimately help improve your speed, agility and quickness while burning fat and building lean muscle.

Use Common Sense

Use good judgement and consult your doctor to determine if high intensity exercises are suitable for you based on your health condition.  Having a trainer, beginning slow, and building up to an intense workout is always advised.