(2 in 1 Kit) Agility Hurdles & (1) Agility Ladder


The agility hurdles and agility ladder are two of our best products for training quickness and agility. The 2-in-1 kit offers both products at an affordable price.

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What’s included in this kit:

  • 5 Brand New Adjustable Agility Hurdles
  • Free Sportspeed Carrier Bag

One of the most important assets to being a better athlete is speed and quickness. Speed has become a measure of athleticism.  Speed not only is important in track and field, but also is also important in most competitive sport like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. Speed is not achieved overnight, but happens through training and hard work. There are several training methods that focus on the improvement of speed and speed hurdles is one.  Speed Hurdles improve acceleration time and increases top speed through the improvement of lower body strength and lengthening the stride.

This kit also comes with a 15-foot flat agility speed ladder. Speed ladders are used to improve basic agility rhythm movements. The agility ladder focuses on burst of speed, the ability to turn rapidly, and the reaction of speed of the lower legs. It is a great complement to the Over-Speed Accelerator.

About This Product:

  • (5) Agility Hurdles with adjustable heights of 9 to 12 inches
  • (1) 15 Foot Flat Agility Speed Ladder
  • Portable Carrying Bag
  • Hurdles fold flat and can be stored and easily transported in the free carrying bag
  • Develops rhythm, quickness, and reactivity
  • Improves acceleration, lateral speed, and change of direction
  • Recommended for all sports like soccer, baseball, football, and other competitive sports

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