Resistance Harness


A resistance harness improves speed, acceleration, and agility. The SportSpeed harness is similar to towing a sled, but light and portable. No weights necessary.

The use of a resistance harness improves speed, explosive start, acceleration, and over all better agility. This type of equipment is better used when the athlete works with a partner or their coach. Power and speed can be improved through multiple drills of resistance sprinting and the harness works well with these types of drills. Training with the SportSpeed resistance harness is similar to the towing of a sled, but without the hassle of transporting the need weight plates. An athlete can decrease and increase their resistance easily by the exerted effort.  The resistance harness is portable so can used almost anywhere.

About This Product:

  • Made of durable nylon material
  • Used as a shoulder and chest device for maximum body resistance
  • Improves both upper and lower body strength
  • Enhances speed, explosive start, acceleration, and agility

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