Welcome to Sportspeed

In addition to being a supplier of speed and agility equipment to coaches, trainers, schools, and individual athletes throughout North America, we also train athletes. We understand the challenges and struggles athletes like you have, and we believe we can help you get faster in your sport!

It’s important for you to have a trainer because they will teach you correct form and technique. It’s also important for you practice what you’re trainer is teaching so that you will improve your repetition between training sessions. If you don’t have a trainer, can’t afford one, or maybe a trainer doesn’t live in your area, our speed and agility kit comes with an instructional DVD training series that you will find invaluable!

Athletes need to develop their big muscles and core strength for power. However, the “first step explosiveness” comes from the smaller muscle fibers in your hip flexors, glutes, calves, and hamstrings.
This is where we can really help you with our complete speed training kit that includes everything you will need for speed and agility quickness training.

Our training kit includes:

1(one) – A comprehensive instructional DVD
2(two) – Ballistic Response Ladder
5(five) – Adjustable Performance Hurdles
1(one) – Speed Chute
1(one) – Reaction Ball
1(one) – Power Step Ankle Resistance Band
20(twenty) – Agility Cones
1(one) – Heavy Duty All-In-One Carrying Bag

You will have a complete speed training kit that is portable and can be carried anywhere for quick set up.

Our goal is to help you get faster in your sport. We want to help YOU reinforce what you’re learning by practicing good form, technique, and repetition.

A commonly asked question we hear is “Can I get faster”? The answer is YES! Our speed kit offers the resources that will help you practice good form, technique, and repetition so that you can achieve your speed goals.

So get your speed training kit TODAY and let us help you get started!