(2 in 1 Kit) Slingshot Overspeed Resistance Trainer & Agility Speed Ladder


The resistance trainer comes with an agility speed later. Used together, they help to maximize strength, speed, and vertical jump.

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The SportSpeed Over-Speed Accelerator is an intense device to challenge and enhance speed through over speed training. This device is used to cause over striding. It is an advanced drill and should be used with adult supervision. If you train one day you should rest from this drill the following day. It helps to maximize strength, speed, and vertical jump. It can be used to train at any angle. One belts attaches to the runners waist and one belt attaches to the partners waist. The partner is able to control the resistance by either slowing down or speeding up.

This kit also comes with a 15-foot flat agility speed ladder. Speed ladders are used to improve basic agility rhythm movements. The agility ladder focuses on burst of speed, the ability to turn rapidly, and the reaction of speed of the lower legs. It is a great complement to the Over-Speed Accelerator.

About This Product:

  • Over Speed Training, Improves Top Speed, Explosive Start, Faster Acceleration
  • Quickness and Fast Acceleration Drills Help Develop Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers
  • Two Belts, Once Resistance Bungee Cord That Stretches From 8 to 20 Feet, Fits Most Sizes

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