Speed Agility Team Training Kit

Speed Agility Team Training Kit


Speed Agility Team Training Kit

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Team Training Kit (for up to 36 athletes):

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Our goal is to help provide you and your team the tools and instructions needed to practice correct technique and get faster! So, for less than the cost of a speed camp you can train your athletes over and over again using your own team equipment. You can warm up the team with these drills and incorporate speed and quickness techniques into your practice.  You don’t have to add extra time to your existing schedule. Whatever your sport, this instructional series will teach and re-teach your team until they begin forming the correct habits they need to maximize their SPEED and QUICKNESS. As they practice these exercises, they will begin to strengthen the muscles that are essential in building speed in all sports.  This kit supports soccer, rugby, football, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and many other sports.

What’s included in the kit:

(1) Instructional DVD by Coach Willie Smith
  • Run Length: 44 minutes
  • Unique 6 step program to improve speed and quickness
  • Training exercises that build on each other
  • World class speed training techniques
  • Trains your running muscles to fire faster
  • Strengthens both recessive and dominate legs and arms
  • Teaches athletes proper technique
  • Helps athletes to get faster

About This Item:

Understanding arm action, foot placement, turn over, and proper synchronization is critical for all competitive athletes. This training DVD is a culmination of personal experience and years of training by Coach Willie Smith.  He is an expert at teaching and training athletes to run faster and move quicker. Coach Smith is a New York native who attended Union Dale High School where he was one of the nations top twenty-five running backs.  He was highly recruited by various colleges throughout the country, but wanted to be an Olympic sprinter.  He accepted an athletic scholarship to run track at Auburn University.  He is a two-time NCAA champion in the 400 meter, three time world outdoor champion for the one mile, participated in three Olympic summer games, received a Olympic Gold Medal in the 4×400 relay, and set a world record for the 60-yard dash.  He was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.  He has trained various professional athletes in numerous sports and continues to train athletes today.

(6) Jump Ropes
  • 10 Foot Long Cable
  • Adjustable and One Size Fits All
  • Great For Warming Up
  • Improves Footwork and Coordination
  • Teaches Knee Lift and Toe Strike

About This Item:

The Speed Rope is good for athletic and dynamic warm up.  It will get you warmed up faster and the jumping techniques taught in the DVD all support the leg cycling action.  These speed rope exercises train the power steps in the leg cycling action while helping to strengthen the hip flexors.

(12) Hand Weights
  • Set Of Two (2 Pounds Each)
  • 6 Inch By 3 Inch With Double Stitched Seams
  • Great for Training Arm Technique and Body Coordination
  • Quick Release Strap Provides For Easy Drop and Run Drills
  • Can Be Used On Indoor Training Surfaces
  • Conforms To Your Hand and Provides The Perfect Grip For Upper-Body Resistance
  • Great For Aerobic Exercise, Arm Tone, Adds Intensity To Any Fitness Training

About This Item:

One of the most common challenges athletes face when improving speed is arm motion. The arms, like any other body part associated with efficient running, have a specific function. They are the trigger to a quick start. The starting of a 40 or 60-yard dash often begins first with a hand or arm motion. As a shadow boxer trains with hand weights, a runner should too. Hand and arm motions are one of the smaller muscle groups that actually trigger the larger and more explosive muscles groups. Training with hand weights not only teach proper hand and arm motion, but also strengthens the coordination of the upper body with the lower extremities.

(6) Agility Hurdles
  • Adjustable heights of 9 inch or 12 inch
  • Fold flat for easy transport
  • Improve acceleration
  • PVC construction
  • Great for improving quickness and turnover
  • Promotes linear and lateral movements
  • Helps activate and train proper knee lift
  • Includes 5 hurdles

About This Item:

There are several training methods that focus on the improvement of speed.  Hurdles play a big part in teaching proper knee lift. Hurdles improve acceleration and help increases top speed through the improvement of lower body strength and lengthening the stride.  They serve a duel purpose for both technique and explosive power.  They also help create quick ground force and can be used for both linear and lateral movements.

(3) Resistance Harness


  • Improves speed and explosive start
  • Enhances acceleration
  • Creates ground force
  • Strengthens lower twitch muscles
  • Helps build power movements
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Comes with harness and partner leash

Product Description:

Fast running must generate a lot of ground force.  Since most athletes won’t reach their top speed during competition, they need to build speed and quick acceleration.  The resistance vest supports quickness and acceleration by promoting good arm action, angled posture, and explosive power movements.

(2) Speed and Agility Ladders
  • 15 Foot durable agility ladder
  • 11 ROUND RUNG (no cheat, non flat) construction
  • Side bars made of durable nylon straps
  • Develops rhythm, quickness, and reactivity
  • Improves acceleration, lateral speed, change of direction
  • Recommended for soccer, baseball, football, and others

About This Item:

Quickness and reactivity help develop the fast twitch muscle fibers.  In order to run faster, you have to develop your fast twitch fibers.  The speed ladder will help you do high intensity, high ballistic speed work.  Your arms have to take a leading role in quick step training.

(20) Station Agility Cones
  • Improves acceleration and deceleration
  • Enhances change in direction
  • Good for Soccer, football, baseball, and all sports that require quickness
  • 2 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter
  • Durable plastic that will not break under pressure
  • Good for high intensity training

About This Item:

Agility cone markers are a small and often overlooked as a strategic  piece of training equipment.  They can be used to set workout parameters.  They can also be used for marking distances.  The shorter the distance between cones the higher the intensity and the quicker and more ballistic the workout will be.  Short distance agility exercises promote quick start and stop.  They are also good for hip action, lateral movement, and change in direction.

(1) Station Layout Diagram
This diagram lays outs a quick training format that can be used by both coaches and athletes.  The 6 fundamental stations and will help organize your training.  This diagram shows the categories that athletes needs to practice in order to improve speed and quickness.
(1) All In One Carrying Bag
  • 24x14x6 Dimensions
  • Nylon construction
  • Mesh front

About This Item:

The All-in-One carrying bag is convenient for storing and carrying the items that come in the SportSpeed Quickness and Speed Kit. This bag is made of durable nylon.  It helps keep everything together in once place.  Whether it’s for a soccer camp, football warm ups, or any speed and quickness training this is the kit to have for your training.